Getting it right with online dating

Relationships born over the internet are very real in this day and age. Despite skepticism from many quarters, people continue to meet and forge relationships over the World Wide Web. As such, the most prudent thing to do right now is to accept this modern age dating style and, rather than oppose it, look for ways to make it work.

It is true that some people who pose as partner-seekers on the internet have bad intentions, but isn’t that so even with the people we engage on a daily basis. Rather than flee from online dating, care to follow this key guide to help you do it right. Your lifelong partner may be hidden somewhere in the interwebs; do not feel shy to find them!

Use a trusted dating site

Remember how in the olden days people used to post their relationship requests in the cupid section of dailies and magazines and it worked? The same happens today, but on an online platform. There are many sites that claim to link up people looking for dating partners.

Not all of these sites are, however, genuine. Some are just out to make a quick buck by slapping visitors with ads. A good number are also out to hook people up for casual sex.

Be careful to use a trusted site. To identify a site you can rely on, try to read different reviews online. Do not rely on on-site reviews as these could be manipulated. If possible, seek a referral from someone who has used a dating site before.

A good site should provide enough verifiable details about the people on it (you will thus need to give yours too).

Above all, be sure of what you are after. Do not waste time on a casual flings’ site if you are looking for a long-term relationship. At times online dating can feel like having a functional monitoring satellite would be of great assistance.

Take time to know a potential partner before meeting

Do not do things in a rush. There is time for everything. Once you meet a potential partner online, take time to know them before planning a meeting. Ask as much as you want to know about them without shying off – their relationship status, health, children from the past, jobs etc. Gauge their honesty in this conversation. If you sense dishonesty, call it out and stop pursuing that line.

Many love cons can be very adept at faking details in an online chat and easily fool a welcoming heart. Let your mind rather than your heart guide you in these early stages.

Meet in a public place

This age-old wisdom has been repeated so many times it now sounds cliché, but it is astounding just how many people fail to follow it and regret later. This is a second level test after online conversations.

It serves for your safety and gives you a chance to disengage if things do not turn out as expected. It is not nice to tag along third wheels to dates, but it is easy to have someone you know somewhere in the vicinity- watching you. If you intend to bring someone with you to the first date, ensure you inform your date beforehand.

Balance positivity and caution

As much as you need to be careful when approaching online relationships, do not be too cautious that you become negative. Keep your guard up but always look out for the good things.